Edwardsville Region Breastfeeding
Task Force

Working together to educate, promote,
and protect Breastfeeding.

The Edwardsville Region Breastfeeding Task Force meets on the 2nd Monday* monthly, from 2:00 - 4:00 pm, no meetings in August and December. Our task force includes breastfeeding advocates from the following counties: Bond, Madison, Macoupin, Monroe, Randolph, St. Clair near the Edwardsville Illinois area. You can attend a meeting in person or by teleconference. We look forward to seeing and meeting new faces in the community. If you can not attend in person, teleconference call number and directions are available in your minutes. (please mute phones to cut down on background noise) If the moderator has not signed in yet or there is a delay in setting up the call, please just try again a few minutes later. Also, sometimes we may have to wait for a previous meeting to clear out before we can start.

Meeting Dates 2018

             Jan 8
            Feb 12
            *Mar 19 (Committee will be hands on prepping for conference) 

            *April 16
            May 14
            June 11

            July 9
            Sept 10
            *Oct 15
            *Nov 19 (Holiday Pot Luck)
            No Dec meeting


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Edwardsville Region Breastfeeding
Task Force